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808 (Original Instrumental Mix) - NUfrequency - 808 (Why Oh Why) (Vinyl)

By Fedal / 21.10.2019

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8 thoughts on “ 808 (Original Instrumental Mix) - NUfrequency - 808 (Why Oh Why) (Vinyl)

  1. how to make tracks loud: make sure everything is only taking up the bare nescesary of frequencies required. slightly slightly slightly pan sounds which share the same frequencies l/r (asides from bass/kick/snare). sidechain kick and snare. skew highs a little bit in mastering for extra loudness to compete with the soundcloud edm loudness war (this only sounds good on really good speaker.
  2. ' Vinyl Vol 2' is here again with its second installment that will help you take your creativity to the next level. This pack features five smooth Construction Kits with some nice sounds to compliment the multi-track WAV loops. This product is Royalty-Free and you can make your next hit with this kit.
  3. 1. The penal code for disturbing the peace. Refers to the sound of bass from stereos. 2. An refers to a drum machine called a Roland TR 3. Sometimes a reference to Hawaii. is Hawaii's area code.
  4. If your kick has a sharp transient, you don’t need one on the too. Get rid of the transient on the , and the two tracks will get out of each other’s way. The kick will provide the initial impact, while the will cover the sustain and body. You can use sidechain compression to make this happen. Here’s how: Add a compressor to the.
  5. The you start with should sound good BEFORE you put any effects on it. I cannot stress this enough! If your sucks before you mix, it is going to suck after you mix! An should only be used if it matches the feeling of your instrumental, overall. You may be better off using a subbass or a live bass.
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  7. May 31,  · Snare Comp – CLA Similar to my ‘ Bass Punch’ preset for CLA-2A, but for electronic snares: This will give you a snappier, fuller-sounding Hat Improver – Maserati GRP Brightens up your hi-hats to really help them poke out in the mix. Kick Tops – SSL E-Channel.

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